A school is an institution designed to allow and encourage students to learn, under the supervision of teachers. The spirit of learning, in a way is the bases of any academic institutes have come long way since their inception.
The educational establishments and educators have adopted and evaluated teaching process. They have embraced a number of innovative approaches over the years. In last decade the curriculum has extensively modified in our country.
We strongly believe that the schools need to grow same way the curriculum and teaching methodology have evolved.
Interestingly, the large body of Architects and School Planners follow rigid design process. The main reason being, the design process is heavily dependent on educational specifications, design guidelines, examples, and prototypes. These specifications and guidelines are very prescriptive in nature.

In past few years we made an effort to inquire into educational environments/ schools; to see how effective they are to stimulate the process of learning in a child. As a designer or developer of the school we often miss the real beneficiary of the built environment – who is a child/ student.
The moment we question, how and what type of physical conditions require for supporting or encouraging the process of learning to a child? – That will start the process of rethinking the way we design our schools today. We believe the school design influence should revolve around child/student’s physiological and psychological needs in order to acquire knowledge.

A school environment consists of many other things then rectangular classrooms, linear corridors and open playground. The classroom itself, along with the built environment of the school and its immediate surrounding as a whole, should be designed for the purpose of learning.


Reference- Lessons for students in architecture Book by Herman Hertzberger

Reference- Lessons for students in architecture Book by Herman Hertzberger

Lessons for students in architecture
Book by Herman Hertzberger


For designing a school, there is a greater importance given in learning philosophical and functional aspects. The need of children should be taken under consideration, as the school environment gives opportunities for learning. The child learns not only within the classroom but also outside it. It has been realized that outdoor spaces, are of great importance. The necessity of a complete environment for the true education of a child becomes of great significance in the design of school.

At Maulik Vyas Architects (MVA) we give approach from micro to macro level. How the school spaces or areas play role in encouraging or stimulating the process of learning. Its important to understand that, how students use the spaces of school plays major role in in process of planning and designing the school.


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