We have been practicing architecture since 2008 in Ahmadabad, India.  As a young designer we believe in our own satisfaction for the quality design delivered and execution.

Most of our work has given us extravagant result of design output, when we have followed the macro to micro level design process. A house design starts with schematic layout or master planning and goes up to the detail of door handle or similar minimal detail aspect. It’s always enjoyable to work on whole schema.

There are multiple layers to this process; the minute details will come from past experience working with all mesons / contractors. With the experience we consider smallest of detail is a challenge to the process of building something beautiful.  Most of the time we team up with mesons to resolve problems. Finally tackling these small challenges we often feel sense of accomplishment. This matters to the whole construction process.


Our practice as Architects

We are happy to describe the process of or architecture practice.

From Private residence to Housing scheme, Commercial building to School Architecture designs; we follow this practice to tackle all size projects.

The key steps we follow are as under

  1. Evaluate the functional programme to design. Get area for each space and required services to the building.
  1. Study the impact of climate and ecological aspects of the site. Desire for the green building architecture – solar / wind energy, water conservation, use of existing trees and green areas.
  1. Social / Behavioural aspect. The main purpose of the architecture built environment is to serve and enhance the user experience and need of the space. There for the question we ask to ourselves is,

How the built environment is going to be used?

What essential requirements for the people that are going to be use the space?

  1. Conceptual built form – With respecting above ideas we start working on conceptual design. With use of different media, Sketching, Physical model making, 3D visualization we create first concept.
  1. Evolution of the concept and design till all aspects are covered